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RX for Business

Work Force Lake is offering Lake County businesses a new program; Rx for Business. The program is FREE to qualified Lake County businesses that agree to complete the full program. The program is designed to help business owner(s) climb the ladder of success.
Running and growing a small business is not an easy task. At times the person running the business can feel confused, frustrated or even overwhelmed trying to stabilize and grow their business. It is virtually impossible for one person to learn everything there is to know about running a business and also do everything needed to grow the business through every stage of the businesses life cycle.
The Rx for Business program is designed to help businesses understand where they are, where they want to go and how to get there. We review your business status, business plan and goals, assess the businesses strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats, financial condition, products and/or services, market and current challenges facing the business.
Based on an initial meeting reviewing the business status and goals a Scope of Work is prepared as a guide to complete the program.
Upon completion of the Rx for business program a business can obtain ongoing free Business Adviser services from the Small Business Development Center (SBDC) for ongoing support for growing their business.
All services will be provided at the Work Force Lake Small Business Center in Lakeport, CA.
This offer is limited to 8 businesses. If this is of interest to you, you need to contact us today.

For more information contact:
Work Force Lake
55 First Street
Lakeport Ca.
Website; http://workforcelake.com/business.html
Phone; 707- 263-0630

Business Services

WorkforceLake offers an array of business services to the business community of Lake County through the Workforce Investment Act-WIA and One-Stop Workforce Centers. Employers benefit from business services customized to each individual businessís needs, from training assistance to human resource issues. The WorkforceLake Business Services Team takes pride in our ability to customize services to meet each individual businessís needs.

We offer the following Business Services:

Labor Exchange

We understand that the need of each business is unique therefore the recruitment process may require a variety of different approaches.

Individualized Business Services

Many employers choose to work closely with a WorkforceLake Business Services Representative for direct referrals of qualified applicants, applicant screening and assessments, and more.

Virtual One-Stop

Virtual One-Stop manages and maintains a comprehensive Candidate Search website that allows employers the opportunity to post job orders on line and search through resumes of qualified applicants. Go to the Virtual One-Stop .

Job Fair and Interviewing Support

The businesses may reserve space within a One-Stop Career Center to conduct a job fair and/or to schedule interviews. The following are some of the accommodations that can be provided: space for interviewing, conference room, telephone/fax and computer/internet access.

Application Prescreening

Businesses may receive assistance with screening of applications to ensure minimum job requirements are met. NOTE: WorkforceLake cannot cover the costs for drug testing and background checks.


Applicants may be assessed using a variety of standardized tools to measure basic skills including but not limited to computer software, aptitude and job skills.

Labor Market Information

Guidance with research to design and write job descriptions specific to your employee needs, work and education requirements for the job, wage levels, and more.

Employee Development and Training

There is a wide variety of training options available from continuing education to certificated programs. Our portable computer lab allows our staff to come on site to help your employees by providing them with an opportunity to increase their computer skills. Ed2go/MPIC, Inc. is an on-line training that businesses have found useful for increasing the skills of their workforce.
For more information log into Ed2go/MPIC, Inc.
Or call Erin Clark at 707-964-6396 or email us at training@mpic.org .
Employer rates are available.

On the Job Training-OJT, is our most popular program designed to help an employer offset the costs associated with training new employees. For eligible applicants, we may be able to pay a portion of their wages while they get acquainted with their new job. Paid Work Experience is another program that some applicants qualify for that allows an employer to train an employee on the job while WorkforceLake pays the traineeís wages and workerís compensation insurance. Incumbent Worker Training provides opportunity for business growth. We may be able to provide funds to train existing employees to allow for additional job openings for a larger workforce.

Preventative Assistance

Many businesses are experiencing a time of transition, either growth or decline WorkforceLake is here for you and your employees. Companies experiencing a decline are encouraged to look into Rapid Response Services, Lay Off Aversion, and Lay Off Assistance. For more information contact Pam Harpster at 707-262-3408.


Business Services Brochure

Laid Off Assistance Brochure